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  • Frame Replacement

  • Most iPhone repairs are done in about 30-40 minutes!

  • A number of factors could lead to iphone frame damage. These factors include but are not limited to:

    Sleeping on your phone:

    A lot of people love to operate their phone while they are relaxing or lying down. This is because a lot of people use this time to go through their mails as well as chat with family and friends. Others love to play games as well as listen to music and videos before they sleep. In the process, they fall asleep with the phones on their bed. Then end up rolling over on top of the phone and in the process their weight rests on the frame of the phone. This leads to iphone frame damage and could sometimes lead to the screen getting damaged too.

    Dropping your iphone:

    iphone frame damage can also occur when you mistakenly or carelessly drop your phone. Depending on the height from which the phone dropped and the weight of the phone, the force of the phone hitting the floor could result in immediate frame damage. Other components of the phone can also be affected by the phone dropping on a hard surface.

    Putting your phone in your pocket:

    Mobile phone frames can get damaged when they are kept in the pockets, especially when your pockets are tight. While you are walking or sitting down, the pressure between your leg and the mobile phone in your pocket could lead to phone damage. Furthermore, putting your phone in the back pocket can also lead to mobile phone damage when you mistakenly sit down on the phone. It is not advisable to put your phone in your pocket.