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  • Headphone Jack Replacement

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  • I've heard about the persistent rumors that Apple will remove the headphone jack on the next iPhone.

    Every time I write about it, readers' comments have been generally negative, with some folks threatening to boycott the iPhone when Apple drops the headphone jack.

    Well, from all indications, including published reports citing "people familiar with the matter" and some early iPhone 7 cases I've received, it's the end of the road for the iPhone's headphone hack.

    But don't panic, folks.

    After being on the fence about the issue these last few months, I've come to the conclusion I can live without the headphone jack. And I think you can, too.

    The last two years both consumers and manufacturers have embraced wireless products. According to data from research firm NPD, in the first six months of 2016, Bluetooth headphone sales (in terms of dollars) surpassed those of wired headphones for the first time, accounting for 54 percent of dollar sales. Prices also came down by 5 percent, according to NPD.

    That same NPD data has Beats and LG leading the way with a combined 65 percent share of the market (LG sells a ton of those Tone neckband-style Bluetooth headphones), with BoseJaybird, and Skullcandy rounding out the top 5.

    While Bluetooth sound quality still doesn't quite measure up to that of a wired headphone, it's getting closer. And more importantly, Bluetooth headphones are becoming more reliable, with easier set up and fewer dropouts.

    In short, wireless headphones are the future.